How To Make a Rabbit Hutch

  • The majority of hutches have a wood frame with wire windows and doors. While deciding on its size, consider how many rabbits will be staying in your hutch. They’ll require a lot of space to move around, about four times the size of a rabbit’s body. It’s also a good idea to be at least 41 cm tall.
  • For the frame, use 5.1 by 10.2 cm wood pieces and 10 by 10 cm wood pieces for the posts. Look for wood that isn’t twisted and is straight. Pieces with significant knots or signs of cracking at the edges should be avoided. The number of wood pieces required will be determined by the size of your hutch.
  • 1 roof piece of wood and 1 flooring piece of wood that are the same length and width as your hutch are required.
  • Arrange all of your wood pieces so you can see exactly what you’re working with. Choose a single piece of wood and use your measuring tape to determine the length you’ll need. Make a pencil or marker mark on the final measurement spot. This is the point at which you’ll be measured. Repeat this process until all of your parts have been measured.
  • Make your wood pieces by cutting them.
  • Make a selection of wire mesh pieces.
  • Make your wire mesh pieces by cutting them out. For the sides, you’ll need four components.
  • Set the rest of your stuff out.
  • Connect the two end sections using screws. The length pieces should be attached to the ends.
  • Connect the mesh to the frame made of wood. The top and bottom should be attached last.
  • Make the entrance.
  • Attach a single leg to each of the frame’s four corners.
  • Put in some shingles and some drainage.


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